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    What is KaroMi Jumping?


    KaroMi Jumping is a unique full-body fitness class using specially designed personal trampolines to combine cardio-strength training with lots of fun in one workout class.


    It’s a small group class where each person has his own trampoline, following instructions from a certified jumping trainer with motivating music. Working out on your own trampoline allows you to regulate your own jumping pace. That's why every class fits every fitness level. The soft surface of the trampoline also provides shock absorption, so you can work out without straining your joints.


    Are you looking for a new fitness class? Do you like working out with music? Or maybe you want to do the first steps toward a better and healthier you?

    This class is designed for every age, gender and fitness level.


    KaroMi Nutrition


    "The best diet is when you don’t know that you are on a diet"


    The goal of my coaching is to help you make the right food choices. We will slowly cultivate good, healthy habits that will be easy for you to keep and will at some point become your new way of life.



    Thanks to my study and personal experience, I found my ultimate balanced diet, based on plants, vegetables, grains and fruits, with occasional organic local animal products.



    I want to share my knowledge and experience of a realistic, easy and delicious way of eating and healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that will improve your health, make you lose weight and support the environment and our planet.



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